Fit4HIM Healing and Fitness Ministries, Inc. - Relying on God Himself to get Fit4HIM in spirit, soul, and body!

From Audra Newton Gwinn:  I was introduced to Run4Christ in December 2012 at Simmons YMCA by Carmen announcing a 5K running class upcoming in the new year (January 8th, 2013). I never thought about running before but after the passion Carmen displayed, I know in my spirit it was only GOD allowing me to HEAR her and signup, as this  was a part of HIS divine purpose for me. I am a proud Graduate of Run4Christ 5K & 10K (Class of 2013) and now as I continue to run to be FIT4HIM, I am running the Cooper River Bridge 10K in a few weeks and training with Carmen to complete my first Half Marathon in North Myrtle Beach on April 27th, 2014 (DIVA Run)! Thank you Carmen for being that consistent encourager in my life & living in GOD’s purpose to minister through fitness. You have changed my life and I will forever be grateful for you and give all the Glory to GOD. I am so excited to continue on this journey, thank you again Carmen!

From Olga Rivera: " In my time of pain and sorrow... I turned to walking/running.. Run4Christ has helped me to continue running with a purpose. As I walk/run and speak with God, I share my heart.. I cry.. I laugh. I Listen.. and I hear Carmen's voice saying.. "Push through it' "You can do all things thru Christ" "Breathe!!" "Watch your posture" and at the end... I leave it all on the trail.

From Teresa Simmons:  Run4Christ is a turning point for me. I give God the glory for ordering my steps!! This group and you, Carmen, our running coach, have made such a positive impact on my life!! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me is not just a saying - it is FACT!!! I have received nothing but support, encouragement, education, guidance and love from Run4Christ. People asked me, "why do you need to join a class or group to learn how to run?" Oh...but it is sooo much more than a running class/group. This organization touches every aspect of your life - physical, spiritual, emotional. Every step...every mile...every accomplishment I achieve carries over into my "everyday" life from my home to the workplace affecting co-workers, spouse, children, grandchildren, siblings, friends and on it goes. Thank you Carmen! I am blessed and I know that Run4Christ is not done with me!!

From Lauren Barnett:  "God used Run4Christ to show me that He finishes what he starts, and I can too. I had never been successful at sports or running and didn't think it was for me, but Carmen encouraged me so much through her story that I became convinced I could do it. If I can do this, anyone can do this!!"