Fit4HIM Healing and Fitness Ministries, Inc. - Relying on God Himself to get Fit4HIM in spirit, soul, and body!

Operation Fit4HIM is the outreach ministry of Fit4HIM.  This division of the ministry involves "adopting" a low-income African American and/or Latino community (for at least 8 weeks) and INVADING it with FAITH and FITNESS! This is accomplished by joining forces and faith with churches,  outreach ministries, and" like-minded" Christ-centered health and fitness businesses and/or professionals.  Our goal is to build relationship with the people of the communities by investing  time, talents, and resources to educate, equip, and encourage them to "rely on God HIMSELF to get Fit4HIM"! 

Senior Strength and Praise Class at the Bethlehem Center
in Spartanburg SC