Fit4HIM Healing and Fitness Ministries, Inc. - Relying on God Himself to get Fit4HIM in spirit, soul, and body!


 Fit4HIM Healing and Fitness Ministries!

 Providing healing services and Christ-centered fitness programs to churches, communities, and individuals that build a healthy spirit, soul, and body, regardless of economic status.

People seek fitness for various reasons:
  • To reduce the risk of  developing chronic illnesses and diseases 
  • To stop the cycle of disease flowing rampantly thru a family 
  • To "be around" for their children and family
  • Weight reduction
  • For the mere pleasure of - Fitting into that "little black dress" or gain six-pack abs!

What if we take our reasons for getting fit a little "deeper"? What if we seek to get fit for spiritual reasons? What if we seek fitness as a way to get Fit4HIM (Jesus Christ)?

Fit4HIM Healing and Fitness Ministries is an evangelistic healing and fitness ministry (a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization) that seeks to encourage others to "rely on God Himself to get Fit4HIM (Jesus Christ) in spirit soul, and body"! We consists of several ministries including a healing ministry and several Christ-centered fitness programs and classes.

Please browse this website and JOIN US as we.......   

"Rely on God Himself to get Fit4HIM in spirit, soul, and body"!

Getting Fit4HIM,
Carmen Alston Alexander
Founder of Fit4HIM Healing and Fitness Ministries, Inc.
RRCA Certified Running Coach
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
ACE Certified Health Coach

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